• The reason there is not one national directory to find cell phone numbers is that the independent carriers of cell phones will not share this information. In order to find cell phone numbers, you need to search on line. There are many sites that offer packages to find this information. Most of these sites require member fees.


    Websites offer options for scouting out this information. You can do reverse look-ups, background searches, or even people searches. Online merchants that offer cell phone information are Reverse Cell Phones, Reverse Mobile and Cell Phone Registry. Others are Free Cell Phone Tracer, Net Detective and Phone Number Scan. suggests you compare their website prior to deciding on another site. Many websites require basic member fees, and then, if you want more information, you can be upgraded for a higher fee. Online sites update their information as soon as new databases are available. When choosing a site, consider whether the site allows searches by phone number or by name.


    When you have chosen the site you are going to use, you will login in, fill out an application, and set up your own private account. You will also pay the member fee before you can search. Once you are ready to search, each site will ask you for information. This information is the cell phone number you are inquiring about. Some websites do offer a basic service for free, allowing you to input the cell phone number for a reverse phone search. They may provide you information about where the call is coming from and the name of the carrier. For a fee, you can then find out who is the owner of the cell phone number and the address of the cell phone owner. With this information, you can trace suspicious calls. You can even use this service to find out whom your kids might be calling. Alternatively, should you think your partner is having an affair, you can find out who is calling. You can also locate old friends. All searches are private; no one will know you are doing a search.


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