• Anyone considering selling a car may want to think about selling the car for parts, whether it is running car or not. Sellers will often make more money selling the car for parts than they would selling it complete. You can use several different methods to accomplish this, including some ways that are free.

    Parts List

    You will probably have a large number of car parts to get rid of, so it is advisable to create a parts list. This way you can write details about each part such as its condition or color and easily make an inventory list to keep track of all of the various car parts as well. Leave plenty of room after you write the part's name to add information about it. You can make this list by hand or use a computer program to generate one and then print it out. Leave enough room next to the car part's name and details to include an asking price for it.

    Parts Prices

    Pricing the car parts is important because while you do not want to sell them for more than its present value, you also do not want to under-price them either. It depends on the specific car and part you are selling as to what the going price could be, since a part needed for a classic car will usually sell higher than a part used in a more modern or common car. So you need to do some research to get the going price of the specific car part(s) you are selling. Check several sources to get a good idea of the current prices and then write the figures down on your car parts list that you decide to sell each part for. Good places to check for used car part prices include car swap or trade publications online and locally, car websites and forums online plus various types of websites specializing in selling car parts such as eBay Motors, Craigslist, CarJunky, PartRequest and others. When you are checking for pricing, make certain you compare the same part you are selling (same make, model and year plus same condition) to get an accurate amount.

    Free or Paid Listings

    How much money you want to spend (or none at all) will determine how you want to advertise your car parts. You can sell your car parts free through several sources, such as the some of the ones previously mentioned. Some of the websites even give you a free trial period, or others will charge a fee to list an ad--check these details before placing any parts for sale. Simply use your car parts list to make an ad for the parts you have and include your contact information plus any pictures you have of the parts for sale. Several methods to advertise your car parts for sale for a fee are available, which may bring you more buyers and faster sales. These include eBay Motors, car publications online and locally plus other places specializing in selling car parts. If you are in a hurry to get rid of the parts, want to reach more potential buyers and have the money to pay for these services, place paid ads for the car parts you want to sell. Again, use the details you have on your parts list, add pictures when applicable, include shipping fees along with your contact information and forms of payment accepted.


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