• Starting a business in Florida requires contacting a number of government agencies to check for requirements of licensing, zoning and registration. What type of business, where it is located and if you will have employees help to determine which agencies you will need to contact.

    Federal Level

    At the federal Level, an SS-4 form is needed for businesses. This number, known as an EIN, is required if you plan to do business with the federal government or if you will be withholding taxes from employees.

    State Level

    If you are selling goods or services, register with the Florida Department of Revenue. Check with the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation or the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services to see if you need to apply for a professional license. This affects lawyers, beauticians, construction and several other industries. Business owners need to contact the Florida Department of State, Division of Corporations, to register the name of the business.

    Local Level

    Contact your city clerk and county tax collector. They may require you to obtain a local business tax receipt and/or a zoning permit. Many of the counties and municipalities make the forms available online. Also contact the county planning departments or city building inspection divisions. They will provide information on whether or not you need zoning permits.


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