• While most heartburn treatments aim at avoiding foods that cause heartburn, there are a few foods that are believed to actually cure heartburn after it is already present, but the jury is still out on this line of thinking.

    Fennel and Cayenne

    While it is well known that spices are a leading cause of heartburn, it is believed that fennel and cayenne can reduce the symptoms associated with heartburn.


    Both mint and ginger can temporarily relieve symptoms common to heartburn.


    Papaya has long been believed to reduce heartburn symptoms. Papaya can be hard to find, but papaya enzyme supplements can be found in most health and nutrition stores.


    Yogurt that contains living cultures can be effective at speeding up the recovery process of heartburn because it aids in the digestive process.


    Some people claim that fiber can help reduce heartburn effects while others believe that it is actually a cause of heartburn. It is likely that the results vary from person to person.


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