• Restylane---manufactured by Q-Med and sold in the United States by Medicis Pharmaceutical Corporation---is a mixture of hyaluronic acid gel and a saline solution, injected by a physician. Each injection reduces moderate to deep wrinkles of the face for about six months.


    Medicis says patients with severe allergies---particularly those allergic to gram-positive bacterial proteins---and those with bleeding disorders should not use Restylane.


    If the patient has hives, pimples, rashes or cysts, Medicis suggests postponing Restylane treatment until healing is complete.

    Weather or Lamp Exposure

    Medicis directs patients to limit sun, cold weather and UV lamp exposure until initial swelling and redness at the injection site disappears.

    Medication Limit

    No more than 6.0 mL should be administered to a patient at one time, Medicis says, and it should not be administered anywhere except the skin.


    Studies do not indicate whether Restylane is safe for people under the age of 18 or pregnant women.


    Medicis Pharmaceutical Corporation: Restylane

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