• Hooking up a satellite dish may be performed by the dish company, though some consumers choose to install the dish themselves to avoid installation charges. While installation is a complicated process, a few tools and knowledge can help make it an easier one.


    A level location for the dish to be mounted is imperative. A bubble or laser level is an important tool for locating a place on the roof of the home or intended location of the dish. A drill comes in handy for quickly screwing the dish mounts into place as well as making holes in interior and exterior walls for which the dish cables can be run to the satellite digital converter box.


    For many homes, the best location for a satellite dish is on the roof, as it keeps trees and buildings from interfering with the reception.


    Most dish companies ship a satellite signal receiver with the dish. Once the dish has been placed on the exterior of the home, cables are run to the receiver, providing a signal to the television.


    Along with holding the ladder and pulling cables that are run through walls, a partner can help in the positioning of the dish. Having the partner watch the signal on the television while the dish is being repositioned on the roof can help to receive the best possible signal.


    Once the dish is positioned and the receiver is set up per instructions with the system, the dish will need to be activated by contacting customer support.


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