• When looking over a potential auto insurance policy, check to see whether it covers loss from theft. This type of coverage is not an industry standard, but you may find a way to get it included.


    In general, comprehensive policies only pay for damage to the physical car, not any items contained within it. However, some policies may cover a portion of the cost of stolen items.

    Items Insurance May Cover

    Items that are meant to permanently attach to a car would generally fall under the coverage of a comprehensive plan. Such items would be a car audio system or aftermarket parts.


    Even in the case of a car stereo, an insurance policy may not cover it if the unit can readily detach from the car. Other than covers (like a faceplate), an item should stay firmly in the car to receive possible coverage under a policy. An iPod, for example, would not be covered, even if connected to a radio.


    When negotiating your insurance policy, you may try to get the agent to include an amendment covering personal items. Additionally, homeowners policies typically cover some of your stolen items.

    Expert Insight

    Keep a descriptive reference list and receipt of any object you might put in your car; otherwise, you probably will not receive reimbursement from any insurance policy.

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