• Auger bits come in varying lengths and sizes, and have many uses. Most commonly, auger bits are used to bore wide-diameter holes in wood. Auger bits are effective in drilling very deep holes, as well.


    An auger bit is used for drilling deep, wide holes into wood or other materials.


    The pointed end of the bit bores through the wood, while the cutting edge of the bit carries the wood shavings out of the hole being drilled.


    Use an auger bit when a wide-diameter hole is needed in wood, or in man-made wood products.

    Earth Auger

    An earth auger bit is used for boring holes in the ground. It is useful when putting in fence posts or larger potted plants. An earth auger is powered by a small engine, and accepts bits of varying diameters. Large auger bits (some more than two feet in diameter) are used with truck-mounted drilling rigs to drill water wells, dry wells, soakage pits, drainfields, holes for foundation pilings, and groundwater flow barriers.


    Auger bits are most often used with a hand brace. There are auger bits for boring trees, utility poles, pilings and more.

    Bit Sizes

    An auger bit for wood can be in excess of 70 inches long, and requires a hand brace for proper use.


    Drill bits

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