• Whether you live in London or are simply visiting, meeting women doesn't have to be limited to certain places or particular environments. The first places you may turn to are pubs, clubs or bars. While this may work for some people, there are plenty of other good options for meeting girls in London.

    The Worldwide Web

    London is great for listing events online, which is a great place to start when looking for an opportunity to meet women. London Walks offers guided walks all over London every day. You don't have to book beforehand. Find out the cost, times and where the guided tours take you on their website: Another helpful website ( offers listings for gigs, restaurants, comedy clubs, sporting events, films and even the best places to shop in London. Women love shopping and in London one of the best places to interact with women shoppers is on Oxford Street. This website breaks everything down into categories, making it easier for you to get a general idea of what event or place may suit you best. Another Website that offers similar listing information is:

    Forget the Internet

    If cruising the Internet isn't convenient or an option for you, here are three places you are sure to meet girls. Coffee shops are a more intimate setting for introducing yourself to girls than bars or pubs. Hit the gym. Instead of walking straight to a treadmill, though, consider signing up for a co-ed fitness class. London has many public places to sit, relax and meet people. South Bank and some of the city's many parks are good places to interact with women in the summer and warm up to ice rinks in the winter.

    Stay Positive

    Whether you choose to research events and happenings in London online beforehand or you jump right in to the action on one of the city's busy streets, remember to maintain a positive and confident attitude.


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