• Nursing uniforms have changed over the years. While nurses no longer walk around in skirts and caps, they don't always look like television nurses do, either.

    ER Nurses

    Many emergency- and operating-room nurses wear scrubs, otherwise known as cotton shirts and drawstring pants favored by medical professionals. Some hospitals might dictate the types of scrubs nurses can wear and some might supply scrubs to staff members.


    Original nursing uniforms consisted of a cap, dress and apron in gray, black or brown. In the 1900s, the color changed to white to symbolize cleanliness. Today most nurses wear scrubs, though some still wear white clothing.


    Many nurses like to wear clogs because of the comfort and support these provide. Whether nurses are in sneakers or clogs, footwear must have non-stick rubber soles to prevent accidents.


    Buy nursing uniforms at stores that sell scrubs, or order them online through companies such as Allheart Uniform and Pulse Uniform.


    Depending on a nurse's position, she might not be allowed to wear jewelry on her neck, hands or wrists. Nurses might need to have long hair tied back or covered with a cap.


    Scrubs come in a wide array of styles, including plus and maternity sizes. Scrubs can be solid or patterned with flowers, cartoon characters or abstract designs.


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