• The flag for the Socialist Republic of Vietnam has a rich history riddled with conflict and poetic symbolism. The flag's colors serve as a symbol for the people of Vietnam, representing unity, resilience and strength.

    Flag Description

    The official flag for the Socialist Republic of Vietnam is a red field with a single yellow star in the center.

    Red Field

    The red field represents the blood spilled during the nation's fight for independence from French colonization and Japanese occupation.

    Yellow Star

    The star represents Vietnam's unity. The yellow represents the yellow skin of the people called to fight for freedom under a single flag, according to a poem written by a leader of the 1940 uprising against French rule.

    Star's Points

    Each point represents the union of intellectuals, peasants, soldiers, workers and young people.


    Vietnamese history has traced the first use of the flag to the 1940s, during the Indochinese uprising. The flag was adopted by North Vietnam in 1955 and by the Socialist Republic of Vietnam in 1976.


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