• Extagen is a type of male enhancement supplement that contains natural ingredients. Although this supplement is readily available without a prescription, you must use caution, as some side effects are associated with Extagen.

    Yohimbe Extract

    Yohimbe extract is one of the primary ingredients in Extagen. It works by increasing your blood pressure and blood flow to your penis. recommends that you do not take Extagen if you have hypertension, as this supplement may worsen your condition.


    L-arginine is also an herb that increases blood flow. According to, L-arginine works in Extagen by relaxing your blood vessels, thereby promoting better blood flow to your penis.


    Catuaba is an herb that increases male sex drive. reports that catuaba stimulates your nervous system and helps to dilate your blood vessels.


    According to, Extagen tablets contain both American and Korean ginseng. American ginseng helps your genital muscles relax, while Korean ginseng increases sperm and blood in your genital area.

    Zinc Oxide

    Zinc oxide helps your body produce more testosterone, thereby increasing your sex drive.

    Other Ingredients

    Other Extagen ingredients include nettle leaf, muira puama, and maca root. Nettle leaf improves your prostate function, while muira puama and maca root help increase your libido.

    Source: Extagen Ingredients

    Extagen Tablets

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