• A civil litigation attorney represents clients in judicial or administrative proceedings. An attorney's involvement in a civil litigation matter ranges from the initial filing of a complaint in court through a trial.

    Familiarity With Court Rules

    A litigation attorney must be well versed in the rules of civil procedure for the various courts in which she practices. These rules govern the conduct and disposition of a case at each stage of the litigation process.

    Pre-Trial Procedures

    Prior to trial, civil litigation attorneys will frequently present and argue motions to the court on various procedural matters that may have a determinative outcome on the disposition of their client's case.


    Many lawyers whose practice is limited to civil litigation will specialize in one or more areas of the law, such as medical malpractice, personal injury or business litigation.

    Advising Clients

    In order to advise his clients as to the likelihood of prevailing on the merits of their particular case, a civil litigation attorney must have a thorough knowledge of the applicable law as well the facts of his client's case.


    Although many litigation attorneys specialize in trying cases before juries, the vast majority of civil cases are settled prior to trial.

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