• Coaches do more than help players win a game. School coaches teach players positive attitudes, life skills and compassion. Many coaches get wrapped up in elements of coaching and ultimately forget the point of the sport.


    Winning the game is not the most important aspect of coaching, but having a healthy attitude towards coaching is. A survey found that only 9% of those asked felt winning was important, but winning is still a part of the game.

    Knowing the Players

    Coaches should be able to accurately assess players in order to know their strengths and weaknesses. This will help the coach know where the place the player in the game.

    Realistic Expectations

    Coaches should try to push their players as far as they can realistically go. Every human being has limitations and the coach must know whenever any player reaches his.


    Good coaches understand that teamwork is more important than an individual player excelling. One of the most beneficial skills sports players learn is how to work in a team, which is a skill that can be carried beyond the sport.

    Love for the Sport

    The coach must truly love the sport in order to put 100% of his or her effort into it.


    What Makes a Good Coach

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