• According to, the Jerusalem Cross was a Christian symbol used in the middle ages to symbolize Jesus Christ's desire to spread the Gospel to every corner of the Earth. Derived from the Greek cross, the Jerusalem Cross is very similar to other Christian crosses, including the Crosslet Cross and St. Chad's Cross.


    According to, the largest cross in the Jerusalem Cross symbolizes Jesus Christ; the four small crosses symbolize the four Gospels.

    Other Names

    The Jerusalem Cross is also called the Crusaders Cross, the Cantonee Cross or the New Jerusalem Cross.


    It was originally used as a coat of arms for the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem, which began in 1098. Their reign ended in 1291, when Muslims reclaimed Jerusalem.


    The cross features a Greek cross. Four smaller Greek crosses are featured in each quadrant of the cross.


    The Jerusalem cross is very similar to the Cantonee Cross seen on old European coins, and is sometimes incorrectly called the Cantonee Cross.

    Source: History of the Jerusalem Cross Information on the Jerusalem Cross

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