• Having a friend or family member diagnosed with or suspected of having an anxiety disorder can be a hard thing for both of you to deal with. It may be difficult to know exactly how to handle the person's behaviors effectively. However, dealing with someone else's anxiety is not as difficult as it may seem, and there are simple ways you can help them with their disorder and live comfortably.

    How You Can Help

    One of the most important things you can do to help with someone's anxiety problem is to learn about anxiety yourself. It is difficult to help without knowing exactly what it is that you're helping with. Go to your local library and read up on anxiety disorders, or read about anxiety online. The more you know about anxiety, its symptoms and triggers and how it is treated, the better equipped you are to help your loved one. Once you have learned about anxiety in a broad sense, try talking to the person affected by anxiety to understand their anxiety on a more personal level. Those who experience anxiety disorders do not have the same symptoms or triggers for anxiety, so knowing what causes panic in your loved one will help you deal more effectively with her symptoms. If she is reluctant to talk about the issue, don't push her into it; let her come to you in her own time, but make sure that she is aware you want to help. Avoid being too judgmental or angry at the person for his anxiety. In moments of high stress, you can be of assistance by keeping his stress levels down with an activity you both enjoy. Establishing some kind of routine for the person affected can help minimize moments of anxiety. However, make sure you have some flexibility in place just in case. When trying to help a person by telling him that things eventually will be fine, you sometimes may be causing more harm than good, because this might seem patronizing. Avoid such statements, but make sure you are there for him. In helping your loved one with anxiety, it is important to continue helping yourself. Keeping yourself stress-free is as important as keeping your loved one stress-free. If you are overly worried, stressed or upset with regards to his anxiety, that may make him feel worse about his condition and exacerbate his anxiety. Take time out for yourself to do things that you enjoy that will lower your stress levels.


    Helping a Family Member

    Anxiety Disorders in Loved Ones

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