• Moving into your own place may seem like an overwhelming task, but once you have the major pieces of furniture in place, decorating is easier. If you're moving into an unfurnished apartment, you will need to provide all of the pieces. Think about where you will sleep, sit, eat, study, entertain or bathe. This will give you a jumping off point to make a list of needed furniture for your apartment. Keep in mind the size of your apartment when you choose furniture.


    In any apartment, whether it be a studio, loft, one or two bedroom, you will need somewhere to sleep. Depending on the type of apartment you have, the sleeping arrangements could differ. The essentials for a bedroom are a bed and linens. The bed can be in the form of a futon, loft bed or a regular bed. Make sure the bed will fit in the area you have allocated for it. For size, also keep in mind if you have to climb any stairs or take an elevator with the furniture to get into the apartment.

    Living Room/Family Room

    At a bare minimum, the living area usually will contain someplace to sit. If you want entertainment for the room, consider a television and a television stand. You can also include a coffee table or end tables for drinks and reading materials.

    Kitchen/Dining and Bathroom

    While the kitchen and bathroom will come with the necessary furniture, you will need to provide the essential tools for each room. For the kitchen you will need dishes, drinking glasses, utensils, pots, pans, cooking utensils and any other cooking tool you deem necessary for the food you make. You will most likely need to provide small appliances such as a toaster, microwave or a blender. In the dining area you will want a table and chairs to sit at while eating. If you like to entertain people, you may want a bigger table. For the bathroom, you will need to provide a toothbrush holder, soap dish or pump, bath mats and a shower curtain.

    Additional Items

    Once you have the major pieces of furniture for your apartment then you can start to add decor and accents. You may also want to include a clock on the wall and some sort of additional lighting, such as lamps on tables or floor lamps.


    My First Apartment

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