• <h4 class="dechead">On One Hand: Yes, It Works

    A little color added to a pale or not so tan skin can help to boost and even skin tone as well as to add to the user's self confidence while wearing skin revealing clothing. The lotion does create a darker color on the user's skin and therefore works.

    On the Other: No, It Does Not

    While the lotion adds color to the user, it is not necessarily the skin color desired by the user. It can also be streaky or uneven, if not applied correctly. Additionally, the correct lotion has to be purchased for the correct skin tone to have a shot at working.

    Bottom Line

    The lotion adds color to the user's skin. However, it may or may not have the desired results for each individual user. It is safer than sun tanning, so it is a nice alternative to sun tanning.



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