• A brake booster is a mechanical device that attaches to the braking system on a vehicle. This part multiplies the force a driver uses when applying his or her foot while braking in various driving situations.


    The brake booster is made of the following parts: the body itself, piston return spring, control valve mechanism, booster piston and reaction mechanism.


    The brake booster device can use air (power-assisted brakes), hydraulic fluid (hydraulic-assisted brakes) or engine intake vacuum (vacuum-assisted brakes) to accomplish its purpose of helping you stop.


    The brake booster is located under the hood on the driver's side and attached to the front of the firewall and behind the master cylinder.


    The brake booster is round, metal and black. It looks like a large canister and has a couple of parts coming out of the front.


    Although brake booster sizes can vary anywhere from 7 to 11 inches, you will always want to replace your brake booster according to the size and type found on your vehicle.


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