• Red Wiggler earthworms are earthworm that eat the earlier stage compost droppings, which then become, fertilizer for gardens.

    Worm composting

    Red wigglers, and not your average earthworm, eat garbage. Allow one square foot of surface area in containers for each pound of food waste for a week.

    Only save food waste.

    The scraps of peelings, leftovers, and plant parts of all food items. Do not put anything man-made such as plastics, except for paper, if desired. Some folks may choose to contribute their daily newspaper.

    Ants are a major concern.

    Ants are bad for your worms. They establish too quickly, are unsightly, and can usually sting painfully. Never spray any chemicals into your vermicomposting unit. Spray your chemicals around it. Flood with water for 2 days if ants are noticed in spite of efforts. Ants are attracted to dry compost.

    Composting and drainage

    Drill 2 to 3 small holes in the bottom of the worm bin for drainage. Water build-up will sour. Never over-water your worm bin.

    Other pests.

    Mice, spider, and other pests find a worm bin difficult to get into when a widow screen is positioned in place over the top of the vermicomost bin. Fly strips are recommended for the fruit flies.


    worm composting

    "What Not To Do" by Goldenrod

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