• When designing a house, it is important to have preliminary sketches handy. With floor plans drawn up, you can see what works and what doesn't before spending money to actually build. Using an online building program can help you visualize your house ideas in a simulated model. There are many programs that do this, and several of them let you create floor plans for free.

    Floor Planner

    Floor Planner is a popular free house designing website. Using Floor Planner, you can create either 2D or 3D models. You will need to create an account on the website in order to save your floor plans, but you may wish to try the demo version of the builder to see if it has all the amenities that you need in a house planner. With an account on Floor Planner, you can create one floor plan at a time. There is the option to purchase an account, however, and create up to five floor plans. The upgraded account costs $29 per year. The free personal account does have ads, but they are minimally intrusive. Once your floor plan has been created, you do have the ability to share your design with friends and family, as well as print your plans for use. While making the model, you can either start with an example plan, pick a floor plan or create your own design completely from scratch. You will be able to enter the dimensions that you wish to make your plans for maximum accuracy. Creation is based on a drag and drop format for maximum ease, and there are options to zoom in and out of the floor plans. Edit your plans in 2D, then switch to 3D for a more realistic representation.

    Small Blue Printer

    With Small Blue Printer, you can also create 2D floor plans for free. You have the choice of either using a sample floor plan as a base or create your own plan from scratch. This planner utilizes a different design style than Floor Planner's site. Small Blue Printer lets you click on pre-made walls, windows and doors and rearrange the pieces accordingly. You have the option of viewing your design in an isometric view or a 3D walk-through mode. In 3D mode, however, you cannot view windows you have placed in the design, or do a top-down view of your floor plan. Once you are satisfied with your floor plan, you have the option to print it out. You can pick the line style of your printed view as well as whether you want portrait or landscape painting. There is no option to save your file.

    Downloadable Programs

    In addition to building houses for free online, you can also download free programs to design house plans. For example, Google SketchUp is a free design program with several features available in the free version. Paying for the pro version gives you access to a few more programs, but for basic building, the free model should suffice. You can build your own models from scratch or download templates from the SketchUp gallery. SmartDraw is similar to Google SketchUp in that you can download a free version with the ability to pay for extra features if you wish. SmartDraw can be integrated into Microsoft Word if need be. SmartDraw allows you to include your own photos in your plans, and these plans can easily be printed for use.


    Floor Planner

    Design Your Own House Plan


    Google SketchUp

    Smart Draw

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