• A rebuilt transmission is a repaired or refurbished gear system. When the original transmission of a vehicle's engine system becomes inoperable, either because of damage or age, it can be fully replaced or reconstructed using new parts. The parts used in rebuilding a transmission are unique to the type of power it provides and the engine it operates in conjunction with. In transmissions, seals can wear out, gear teeth can become worn down and electronic wiring can become faulty as a result of wear.

    Rebuilt Transmissions

    Transmissions in automobiles can be rebuilt to prolong a vehicle's life. In addition, transmissions in vintage or antique automobiles can be repaired or reconstructed to make destroyed engines operable again. Most modern automobiles use computerized automatic transmissions. Rebuilding automatic transmissions involves not only mechanical repair but also knowledge of automobile computer diagnostics. Even today's semi-automatic and manual transmissions are very computer-reliant. Vintage or antique cars, however, operate on fully manual transmissions, in which torque and gear shifts are operated by a pedal and clutch.


    The cost of rebuilding an automobile transmission depends on the make and model of the car and the kind of transmission in it. Often, mechanics will purchase entirely rebuilt transmissions for a specific model of car and replace the existing unit. Rebuilt transmissions for automobiles built in the 1990s or later start at $1,000 and increase in price from there depending on make and model. It is often more cost-efficient to replace a transmission with an entire replacement unit as opposed to disassembling and repairing a faulty transmission. After being switched with a rebuilt transmission, the transmission from the original model can be repaired or rebuilt and then reinstalled in another vehicle.

    Other Types of Rebuilt Transmissions

    Rebuilt transmissions can be bought for any type of vehicle. This includes marine vehicles such as boats and personal watercraft, all-terrain vehicles, motorcycles and snowmobiles. Most modern marine transmissions start at $1,000, while those of smaller vehicles vary in price depending on age and engine power.

    Maintenance and Troubleshooting

    Not all transmission problems require a complete rebuild or replacement. If a vehicle is not moving forward or struggling to move forward, basic transmission maintenance should be addressed. This includes a check of the transmission fluid and a check of the transmission filter. If fluid is very low or leaking from the transmission housing, the transmission will not function. The same is the case in transmissions with clogged or damaged filters. Only a qualified and trusted mechanic should perform transmission maintenance. This maintenance should occur regularly for optimum performance.

    Shopping for a Rebuilt Transmission

    Local mechanics, mechanics at national retail chains and numerous Internet retailers offer a variety of transmission types at varying prices. It is important to make sure that all the proper diagnostics and maintenance checks on an existing transmission have occurred before shopping for a rebuilt transmission. Often, transmission issues can be solved without the expense of a full replacement. If a fully rebuilt transmission is necessary, it is important that a qualified mechanic or retailer be contacted to ensure that the right type of transmission is located and installed at the right price.


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