• <h4 class="dechead">On One Hand: Coin Rarity

    Morgan silver dollars are among the most popular collector's coins. They are valued for their beauty, history, and availability. Morgan silver dollar values have been positive but modest over the years. The 1883, 1892, and 1895, from the Carson City mint are the most valuable years. Many variables work together to determine the value of the coin, such as where it was minted and how many were minted.

    On the Other: Coin Condition

    Regardless of the year, the value of a Morgan silver dollar is also based upon the condition of the coin. The coin is most valuable when it is as close to perfect as possible, showing little wear and use. Morgan silver dollar values can be based only the price of silver for a coin in poor condition.

    Bottom Line

    Morgan silver dollars can be worth their weight in silver or many thousands of dollars for an uncirculated coin with a rare date.


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