• Didn't you just ask about internet costs for a one-bedroom apartment? That's kind of like which is heavier, a pound of lead or a pound of feathers? I don't think costs for cable and internet are calculated by the size of the home! Whether you have a twelve-room house or a one-room apartment, the cable charges for the same level of service should be the same, and the same with the internet. Best bet would be to call a cable/internet provider in your area! +3
  • The size of the home/apartment/townhouse does NOT matter. How many TVs are hooked up is the determining factor.
  • Location dictates.
  • Since we do not know where you live or what services you want with that cable, we are not qualified to even guess on the monthly cost. Perhaps you can ring up your local provider and ask for a quote based on the kind of package of channels you want and installation and hook ups and receiver boxes.
  • I would suppose that what would matter is what programming you would subscribe to, not the size of the abode, unless the cable companies charge by the set. Personally, I have been around since before the time of cable TV. I believed and continue to believe it makes no sense to pay to watch TV. The producers and directors should be paying US for the time we spend watching their programming and advertising. Therefore I have never had pay TV of any kind.
  • $19.95 to $200.00 depending on the number of channels you chose.

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