• Okay thank you, I'm just going to shop around. No not quite what I am looking for, if it was cheaper I might consider it. Never look interested. Always try to walk away. It also depends on where and what you are looking for
  • When you buy most things, always ask if you can get a discount . . . there are so many items and places that have discounts but you have to ask for it. I bought a Cashmere coat off a sale rack at Saks Fifth Avenue that was marked down from $999 to 799. It was a winter coat and this was April; however, it was just the coat I was looking for but it was black instead of camel. I told the clerk if I could get it for $400 I would buy it. She had to ask the manager and came back with a purchase price of $412. I took it. If you can do it with sale items at Saks, you can do it just about anywhere but especially small, privately owned boutiques. Furniture, antiques, I've done it with them all. I sold Jaguars for 14 years and that made me become pretty brazen since everyone did it to me. Never asked for a discount anywhere before that.
  • Do the research and know the lowest price you can get the product for, then you will know exactly how much to offer the sales person. Some stores will not bargain, and if that happens, just leave. Always check for coupons online, and don't be afraid to ask if there are any discounts available.

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