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  • No, it's their choice to live or not. It's not my business to interfere with their rights.
  • For how long? ;-)
  • Nah. That's really his or her choice. If words can't go through him/her, why even bother? Fuck it.
  • no. Who am I to say their life is worth living. Sometimes a person is better off not living if living means misery. I understand where that person comes from more than I ever have before. Sometimes it's the only answer for peace.
  • yes i would because they are to stressed out to think properly for them selves . talking to some one when you feel like this does really help . i could not let any body die if i can help it , even if they don`t care about there life , how could any body let some one else die that is just to cold for my liking , even if you was my enemy . saying that there is one situation were i would let some one die and that would be a child molester i would kill that person my self if they touched my kids
  • Yes, I would. Suicide is the wrong choice, and the results are permanent, so there's no changing your mind once it's over!
  • Yes, so long as I'm there they aren't killing themselves.....I kinda feel like they'd be hurting more than just themselves and I couldn't look their parents in the eyes ever again knowing I did nothing to help their kid...
  • No, I dont want be involved. It may go on my record if something does down.
  • As part of my job I have had to restrain people who were intent on self harm or suicide, it's impossible to tell at the time. Personally I believe that people should be allowed to commit suicide if thats what they really want. However, the majority of suicides are commited by people not in full control of their mental faculties & they may not be capable of making such a decision.
  • I've done it before, I'd do it again.
  • Without a second thought
  • No. Suicide is an act of free will. I would never interfere with the free will of another person unless they were attempting to harm others. +5
  • Absolutely, but force would be a last resort.
  • in all honestly i'd like to say no i wouldn't becasue i don't know what that person is going through thats makes them want to kill themselves. however i know that i would... if not becasue i knew and cared about the person then because i couldn't live knowing i have let someone kill themselves infront of me scarrng my mind forever, not to mention how horrid i would see to the family if i just let their loved one kill themself in my presence.
  • Mentaly i know it is their choice and that if words couldnt get thought to them then nothing could. But at the same time many sucide attempts are speradic and based on a certian situationt that given time could be sorted out. So in realty i probs would. Ive seen the effects of deaths on families, i think that suicide is not ever a personal choice, cause in the end they arent the ones that have to live with the effects.

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