• I don't see any harm in having the mother see her child before she decides.
  • Most abortions are only provided in the first trimester. Not much of a heartbeat there. The fetus is just way too small. As for the rest, well, psychological torture is just not my thing. While it might please a sanctimonious and sadistic anti abortion fanatic, it will not solve the underlying problems that led to the decision in the first place. Women faced with that decision are very vulnerable and need real comfort and compassion so that they can feel loved and supported.
  • No. For one, the fetal heartbeat isn't likely to be heard until the 6.5 or 7th week of pregnancy. Do we really want to encourage later term abortions? And an early sonogram isn't going to show anything remotely baby like. So, other than a forcing further emotional duress on a woman, who more often than not is already suffering over her *choice*, I see the idea as having no positive benefit.
  • Yes. Ignorance is never the wise course. Abortion supporters would like women to just go ahead and get an abortion in ignorance so they don't know that they are actually aborting an actual human being.
  • To what end?
  • I think that if a women wants an abortion she should be required to see a sonagram and listen to the heartbeat. I am not sure what week you can hear the heartbeat but I know you can see a sonogram in the first trimester (I did it). If a women can't see the arms and legs moving and eyes formed and can hear a heartbeat and still abort she doesn't deserve to EVER have children. EVER.
  • No. It's just another attempt of the anti-abortion crowd to interfere with a woman's right to do with her body as she pleases. +5
  • Planned Parenthood usually provides some sort of procedure/sonogram/service to see where your at before an abortion. They perform it, BEFORE an abortion to figure out just how far along you are & if you qualify for an abortion. Don't be fooled into thinking you just walk into a place and an abortion happens on the spot. Thats why its IMPORTANT to go in early as possible to see/figure out, your options. If your past a certain time period, you may not be allowed to have an abortion, and they will direct you to another place that has later term abortions available.
  • Should it be a requirement to watch several murders before buying a gun? Should it be a requirement to watch obese people struggling with their weight and diabetes before purchasing a "supersized value meal"? Should it be a requirement to actually listen to the candidates before you vote? No, rights are rights.
  • It should be a requirement that the mother and doctor are prosecuted for murder afterward.
  • No. It's a thinly disguised attempt to manipulate a woman's emotions and control her sexuality and body.
  • No, that should not be a requirement. If the woman doesn't want to see the parasite alive in her womb, she shouldn't.
  • Knowledge is power, especially when making an important decision. Education is good, ignorance is bad.
  • I can't answer this question. Abortion is a difficult issue. I would say they should, but then I'd realize that if this person is aborting then they probably do not have the means to support the child and raise them well. Also, they do not WANT the child, which psychologically is not a good way to start parenthood AT ALL. In all honesty, I'd rather see an unborn baby die than see a child raised in a crappy situation...
  • Hell no - emotional blackmail on top of the hormones and difficulty of the decision; a prescribed guilt trip too - how compassionate!
  • Aha! This is nothing but a thinly veiled attempt at providing information to people who may not have considered all the moral and psychological consequences and ramifications of their intended course of action. Might as well expect a hawkish president to have the courage of his convictions to send his own sons and daughters off to the war he has declared. It's easier on the conscience to push a little red button and kill a thousand faceless foreigners than to look your enemy in the face before you kill him. But that kind of thing is just a little bit too 'real' and uncomfortable for civilized people.

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