• capture this on video and post on youtube, and then we can maybe figure out what's happening
  • this reminds me of an experiment i did i physics. we were measuring current and the wire was really sensitive, when my friends touched the wire the current went up, when i touched it it went down, i did it like 10 times too. it happen each time. lol maybe you can suck energy from lights lol.
  • This has been happening to me frequently for a few years now. At first I thought it was coincidence. But then it kept happening -and only as I approached the light within 20 feet. This isn't just street lamps but and lamp with a light activated switch. It's been an amusement for me as it doesn't happen to my friends and everyone brushes it off. It's also random -though frequent. Then last night -new years 2008 -just after midnight I was walking through an intersection when 7 lights in a radius around me all went off simultaneously. 5 were street lamps and 2 were on the outside of a church that I was approaching. This was on all 4 corners of the intersection. At first I though it was a power outage but all the indoor lights stayed on. The street lights immediately outside this weird circle were still on as were the lights further along the outside of the church. This was spooky to say the least. I had my camera and took pictures of the street lights -still glowing. By then the church lights had already came back on so I couldn't document these 2. Today I finally had to google this phenomena and I'm surprised to see how wide spread it is. I'm annoyed at how people quickly brush it off -like all of us a stupid or something. Is something effecting the photo switches? Is the light overheating? But then last night just doesn't make sense. I always figured a headlight or something must have beamed onto the street light at the same time -but I've seen no evidence. I've never believed in ghosts and I'm always skeptical of non-sense. Years of this had me puzzled. Last night has me spooked.
  • Same thing happens to me frequently, maybe 2-3 or more times a day. I've noticed when I'm tediously thinking for something, lights go out. Once, I controlled this "power" and the light i was looking towards went out. Not sure what the hell.. But it's pretty sweet. Maybe it's some kind of telekinesis power? muhawha! I need to meet up with Dr. Xavier!
  • This happens to lots of people. Me included. I don't know if it is unusual, or if our awareness of it is the only difference between us and those who don't experience it.
  • Happens to me all the time too! I've always wondered what was going on. It's happened while walking and driving.
  • I would like to see that , make a video of this actually happening, and post it on AB!!
  • Street light are programed to shut off at certain temperatures to prevent overheating, or sometimes on timers to save the city energy. It's probably just luck that you happened to be there at that time. I've experienced it many times.
  • The same phenomenon happens to me... but on a larger scale... When I drive in my car, more often then not, one - three street lights will go out on me, often times going back on after I pass them. Also I will look up and stop at a red light, look down to adjust the air or my seat, only to look back up and discover the light has gone out. I will drive back an hour later... and It will be on again. I can't go a week without two or more lights burning out in my house, or in someone else's house. Not just easily replaceable lights, I am talking, refrigerator lights, oven lights, stove top lights, head lights, blinkers, Lights that don't normally go out. As far as the normal lights go, at first I thought there was too much power coming from the outlet, but an electrician checked it, and it is normal. Not only that, When I talk on my cordless phone it's always fuzzy, but when my sister, or mother talks on it, it's normal. I will walk past them and hear them say "hang on your breaking up, are you going under a tunnel?" I talk on my cell phone with 4 bars, and 75% of the time, I will drop the call... That's not all... When I am watching TV it will shut off, I'll check under the cushion to see if I sat on the remote, only to find it's been sitting on the table the entire time. When I wake up at night, the time on my Time Warner Cable box, will either contradict that on my phone, saying things like "(9:72) or (14:63) or simply just having a (--:--) on the box. This is only a glimpse of what happens to me...
  • Maybe you have a high magnetic field. Do you wreck watches when you wear them?
  • Spooky
  • Does your bicycle have a headlight on it? There are photosensors on the top of streetlights, pointed to the north (in the northern hemisphere anyway), that are used to detect when the Sun has gone down. If your headlights are aimed too high, you will fool the streetlight into thinking that the Sun has come up. When I was a kid, we used to drive down the street with a handheld spotlight, aiming at the streetlights, shutting them off.. just for fun. They come back on several minutes later, no harm done. In some locations, a single photosensor mounted on a telephone or streetlight pole is used to control more than one streetlight. This is typical where there are a lot of streetlights near each other. So if someone drives down the street with a mis-aimed headlight, they can cause many lights to go out at once.
  • I know, I know Pick me Pick me!!! Street lights go intermittent before the completely burn out. That is, they go out, and then a minute or so later they come back on. Over and over again, sometimes for months. That's why you're seeing lights blink out in front of you. Why does it happen to you? Because you probably normally follow the same routes for walking or riding. You're seeing the same lights fail over and over again. Either that or you're possessed of the fabled 'cone of death for streetlights,' but that really doesn't happen all that often since the discovery of Vitamin K. Elliott
  • I thought I was the only one this happened to. Glad to see I am not the only one. I remember when I was around 15 or 16, my girlfriend in high school lived near by, & I would walk home from her house late at night. Whenever I would get within about 3 feet, street lights would just burn out. This would happened to as many as 7 lights on my way home. It has been getting even worse as I grow older. I am now 34 & it happens all the time. I can't wear watches, electronics frequently go south on me, & the other night I went in the local grocery store & as soon as I stepped into the store ALL the fluorescent lighting went out, & the emergency lighting came on. I was watching National Geographic last week, & they did a special about this very phenomenon. A woman from the UK had the same experiences we all have, but on an even larger scale. She would get onto airplanes, & the electrical system would cease to function. All electrical components in a hotel she was staying in during this documentary ceased to work. She became so fearful of killing hundreds of people, including herself, that she will no longer fly anymore. Is it just possible that we have an over active magnetic field around us?? Anyone have some kind of explanations?
  • 3-10-2017 That has been happening to a lot of people for a long time. But people who know how street lights operate always insist that it's impossible, you are seeing random effects, and so on. So you are on your own with this question.
  • There is a colony of teeny tiny aliens living in the light fixture. You can't see them but they can see you. They are just saying "hello" when you walk by. Next time flash your flashlight at them so they won't feel ignored.

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