• Because "Obama is an Indonesian Nazi Kenyan Communist Muslim Socialist..." So ANYTHING he does is by definition 'evil' and 'Unamerican'...:-P.. . . .
  • I'm pretty sure the Republicans will continue to find anything to bitch about while a democratic president is in office.
  • if you watched jon stewart, w held the hand of the saudi king and walked around the ranch. bush 41 threw up on the japanese emperor's shoes. adams bowed. personally, if he bends down 4" or 14", i don't care. if he does something to resolve the wars, make america safe, restore our economic supremacy, pass civil rights legislation ... that's the stuff i care about. thanks for your question.
  • Obama could walk on water like Jesus and they would complain. They are anti everything. The list is long, but you can tell what they don't like by their comments. It shows their ignorance and lack of class. I'm not sure these people are Republicans either. They may be in a group of their own making.
  • It is fairly obvious that because it is unacceptable to criticise the president's skin colour his mindless opponents have to pick on anything he does or says and criticise that in lieu of his colour. Fortunately they seem unable to understand how pathetic this makes them look in the eyes of the rest of the world.
  • John Adams was President of a new and weak country. The situation is not comparable. Face it: Republicans hate Obama; it doesn't much matter because they will find fault no matter what he does or does not do.
  • Because they are Republicans and he is a Democrat. . Had he not bowed, they woudl be criticizbng him for not bowing. . The same would apply if the roles were reversed and a Republican were in the White House. :DDD
  • They're mad they aren't in office. If obama dropped nukes on everyone, built a million nuclear power plants all over the country, and banned gays from the united states they would probably still hate him though lol.
  • We live in a sad time, a time when certain people feel the need to complain about EVERYTHING. People hated's a fact that he had the lowest approval rate. Whether you liked him or not is a different story, the FACT is that he was widely disliked by the people. Obama comes into the picture, and it's his job to clean everything up. It's kind of like if a kid wets the bed, someone's gotta come in and clean it up. But people are bitching because Obama isn't 'doing anything'. On Election Night, Obama even put in his speech that even though he'll work hard to fix everything, he can't promise it'll be quick. He even went as far as saying it may not even be fixed during his presidency. But, of course, some people will find something to whine about. They are too busy whining to understand that fixing a broken nation takes time. Obama hasn't even been in a year yet. I STILL stand by what I said BEFORE he was elected: He will be much like some of our better presidents, in the way that he may not be very liked DURING his presidency, but sooner or later, people will come to realize what he's done for our country. Lincoln actually wasn't very popular when he was in office. But try talking to one of these Obama haters about that. More likely than not, they'll say something to the effect of, "that's not the same thing!". Sure, it's not EXACTLY the same thing, but the facts are still there: he wasn't too popular during his time in office. His popularity and appreciation came after.
  • It nothing to do with Omama it is has a lot to do with protocol. The weaker bows to the strong. Americans shake hands. I certainly hope the majority of Americans do not hate our President. On the lighter side back in the 1970s I was on a Navy ship and while under way we had an Ensign on the Bridge that diped our ensign (Flag) to a Spanish freighter whitch is not our custom. Our Captain informed the Ensign that if a Navy Captain is junior to a Spainish freighter Captain That a Navy Ensign is junior to a Spainish whore. It just violates our protocal. What would you question be if if W was prez.
  • Because they're foolish hate mongers.
  • Because he outshines his predecessor?
  • Republicans would hate Obama if he cured cancer and abolished all taxes. Republicans just do what they are told to do by their "leaders" on radio and doesn't matter if what they have been told is total nonsense - they will still parrot it in public. Frankly I would have been embarrassed if Obama didn't bow to the Japanese...that's just one of the things you do in Japan.
  • The problem is that President Obama is being selective about protocol. Did he bow to the monarch of his country's closest ally?
  • Two hundred thirty years ago it was customary, gentlemanly, to bow to ones peers. Mr. Adams was the Ambassador of the United States to the Court of St James, George the third King of England. George was a real live running the show king. Adams was meeting the same man he had helped lead a revolution against. He was meeting for the first time the same man that a couple of years earlier would have had Adams arrested and hanged for treason on the spot. You need to bear in mind that this is the the very same king that the people of the United States rejected just a couple of years earlier. Adams had to be on his best behavior as the representative of the same people who a couple of years before were traitors who were killing the kings soldiers and stealing his property. Suffice it to say that the circumstances surrounding Adams meeting King George were completely unrelated to the ones surrounding Obamas meeting a completely ceremonial monarch.
  • Not even close to the same thing, thats an insult to Adams comparing him to I'll leave it blank so this doesn't get flagged for language
  • 1. Britain was still a legitimate world power at the time. 2. Our 2 countries weren't at war at the time. 3. Even though the US had become it's own country, a bit of residual protocol would have been understandable having been a British colony within the President's lifetime. 4. Is it really skilled diplomacy, or a sign of his predilection to favor Islam over America?
  • Since when is bowing a skill?
  • Because he is the worst President in U.S. history maybe? and they are tired of him apologizing for us being America maybe?
  • Why do so many Americans believe that throwing your weight around is a sign of strength, and trying to get along with other nations represents weakness? If you meet two people in a bar, one of whom is drunk and aggressive, the other of whom is polite and respectful, which one will you listen to?
  • Because Obama is weak.
  • Because they can't conceal their blind prejudices and paranoia.
  • It's their job to hate Obama, that's how two party systems work.

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