• I would try and help them. If they had extra and I needed it, I would ask for some help.
  • No, they're my child. If they were going to school and working, I'd be pretty damn proud of having such a responsible kid. If I needed help with the bills or something, I might ask, but no way would I charge them monthly for living with me......unless I hated them or something.
  • Absolutely not
  • I will take him in gladly. A graduate degree will help my son later in life. I might take the rent and surprise and give it back to him when he is ready to be on his own.
  • Yes. a minimal amount, but remember their food and clothing is being taken care of by the parents. this is a luxury, compared to the outside world. If the student is working, rent should be paid. Its just the order of things in life. it teaches respect for the parents and the student is pulling his/her own weight(maybe) in the economy world.
  • Not unless I absolutely needed it. They moved back in w/ me to avoid spending money on rent so that they could save. I might ask for a certain amount each month so that I could put it in a savings account for them on top of what they're saving though.
  • My parents would never have charged me rent but that's because they're incredibly loving and supportive. I think I'd have to take that tack with my kids, too.
  • Yes. Not much, and I might barter chores for payment. But they need to have the understanding in their minds that they are grown now and no longer need a Mommy. My sons both had the occasion to move back for periods of time. It meant extra work for me. It also meant extra groceries, wear and tear on appliances and furniture. Still in my role as parent and teacher, it was my job to make them aware of how their presence affects life around them. They didn't resent helping out because they understood that they were a part of this family dynamic. Not the center of it as they were as children.
  • I would not charge them rent provided they were attending school. If the moved back in to save money for school but were only working, I would charge them rent and place that money in a savings account. If the son/daughter then went to school as they promised I would give them the money to help offset his/her expenses. If they didn't go to school, I'd keep the money.
  • I would expect them to pay a small rent payment just as a show of responsibility. Maybe $25 per week or something. Id save the money and give it back to them when they are ready to move out. They will need it for deposits and such.
  • When my kid is 45 she can move back home for free.
  • I might "expect" them to (but NOT demand) buy their own groceries, but, no, I WOULDN'T charge them rent under THOSE conditions!
  • That would depend on how responsible that child was. There is more than one way to charge rent. If your child is responsible and really using the opportunity to get ahead, you may not need to do anything, but I would think keeping a certain GPA and showing you the grades is one way to "charge rent." I lived with an older bordering on elderly friend while I attended college. It had been a rent-paying agreement when I moved in and was working, but when I lost my job and wanted to go back to school, we renegotiated. I told her that as long as I lived there, I would treat her as I would my own mother, that is, I would do the work required of me as well as any extra work that I was capable of doing. I took over the duties of her cleaning lady and did the barn chores at first. Over time, I broke up the old garden that hadn't been used in years and grew vegetables to help with the groceries. I took over the duties of her lawn service and saved her nearly $1000 dollars a summer. I felled and cleaned up 16 dead trees on her property, which a tree company had been charging her $60 a tree to remove (they were small). I helped jack up and reframe a corner of her barn and to reside one side and then I primed and painted the whole barn. I found reputable tradesmen and oversaw rewiring and replumbing parts of the house and barn. I repainted and repaired much of the inside of her house. Even if your kid isn't going to be able to pay rent in cash, they can probably find the time to cut the grass and do some painting, gutter cleaning, window washing and what have you. He/she may not have the skill set that I had, but they can do grunt work.
  • If I needed help with expenses I would ask for it. If I didn't I would not demand it of my 21 year old student child. I would demand that the rules of my house be honored.
  • I would pretty well consider him/her a dependent and therefore rent free until he finishes his studies. . If he had a well paying job, apparently not the case here, then I would expect that he pay his share of costs.
  • Nope, but I would expect them to buy food, personal items and clothes themselves. My home is always open to my children, no matter what the situation... If they are in school, no rent. not in school, you better be working and you better be ready to pay some rent. =)
  • I would expect a contribution tothe household budget.
  • No. To my mind, such considerations do not apply to my own flesh and blood.
  • If they have an income source, I think it is okay to ask for a contribution towards basic household expenses. I'm not sure I would charge RENT, though...

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