• Usually, the low end firarms hold that honor. It's impossible to assign the title to a specific make and model. Lorcin, Navgear (formerly TEC), and Hi-Point have gained some rep as jam-o-matics. Sometimes, it's not the firearm, but the ammo. Use Wolf ammo in many AR-15 clones and it will jam it up. The laquer coating on the steel ammo case runs when the case heats up during ignition and then flows onto the sides of the chamber, where it builds up. 10 or so rounds later, a round will get glued in place, causing a jam.
  • My resident expert on fire arms (aka: my husband), who is really an expert here, says "mostly the firearms that are not cleaned and taken care of correctly, have problems."
  • .22 Marlin Model 60 rifle... in my personal experience at least.
  • The gun you are trying to use to defend yourself. Darn Murphy's Law.
  • The ones issued to the US and British Armies for use in desert conditions.
    • Archie Bunker
      Mine worked just fine.
  • it depends on a number of factors. tolerances of the firearms itself, too tight and there'll be probs with incipient materials like sand etc and too loose and you'll have other problems with recoil damping the action itself. ammuntion and maintenance are key also, in fact the m16a1 issued in vietnam was done so as a low manitenance weapon that didnt apparently need cleaning, unfortunately as with all military contracts the ammunition supplied was from the lowest bidder and thus was dirtier causing more fouling and subsequent jamming than first thought. some self loading pistols if held with a loose grip do not provide enough weight for the action to cycle against thus causing failure to eject or feed.
  • Small semi-automatic pistols in .22 rimfire loads. Full size combat Berettas are very reliable and never jam, but the ting Beretta "Minx" in .22 Short rimfire is bad to jam with the first round from the magazine, so get a .25 ACP version called "Jetfire" for eliminating jams. In larger calibers, cheap semi-autos, e.g. Hi-Point, are notorious jammers.
  • Dirty ones with dirty magazines.
  • hopefully the ones that are about to shoot a person
    • Sandra Ursula
      What if the person shot is trying to shoot somebody?

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