• From my understanding, Jehovah Witnesses believe those who do not convert are under the influence of satan and are destined for hell. This would not only apply to you, but to any children you may have if they were not to follow the faith. Also concerning children, is the JW belief that blood transfusions should never be allowed - this could be an issue if you have children and they face a medical emergency that requires a transfusion. Holidays are not celebrated by Jehovah Witnesses. They are also expected to devote as much time as possible recruiting for their religion. This is prioritized over any extra-curricular activity. Again, this is just my understanding and I don't know if there are various levels of devoutness with that particular faith.
  • A totally dull and sexless relationship. +5
  • Assuming the relationship evolves into marriage, which is what the person your dating expects. You will become a Jehova's witness and be expected to adopt thier belief and values system, which is unforgiving to those who don't share thier values. You may have to excommunicate anybody who they feel are unredeemable, including anyone in your family who are not JW's. Divorce is forbidden, except in the case of adultry, and divorce for any other reason can cause you to be excommunicated from family and friends in the JW community. Be ready to not only to accept the religeon and beliefs of your partner, but to share them.
  • Boring Sundays.
  • Why not just ask him?
  • carefull ,,, they dont take no for an answer ... but on the bright side ,, they are gulible, and will beleive fairytales .
  • You should expect constant heresy... I'm not sure why the Jehovah's Witness would be dating you. As far as i know, they're quite strict on that sort of thing (as should normal Christians be, but generally Jehovah's Witnesses have the commendable habit of taking the Bible seriously). Either way, you will be heavily evangelized, with a lot of false doctrine, as well as maybe a bit of good doctrine.
  • This person isn't a very strong Witness so, I would tell you to expect the same as you would from any other person claiming to be Christian. Jehovah's Witnesses do not believe in becoming "unequally yoked" i.e. seeking relationships with others outside their belief system. So, I guess just roll with it...and don't expect any birthday or christmas presents.
  • a true active witness would not be dating someone of a different religion. this makes me wonder if this so called witness is the real thing. many will claim they are witnesses for the fact that they at one time associated in the for the rest of the answers you have read, many if not most of them are so biased and downright ignorant. they truly haven't a clue as to who Jehovah's Witnesses are.
  • Expect to meet a lot of nice people that will help you any way they can. . I'm not a Jehovah Witness, but was married to one. +5
  • If you guys get married, he will NEVER perform oral sex on you. You've been warned. Witnesses are taught non-Biblical sexual restrictions for within marriage, which is wrong and will lead to a lot of unsatisfied wives, unfortunately.
  • Lots of judgement and condemnation.
  • expect to die if you need blood to live
  • No Holidays or birthdays...
  • Are these the guys who don't wash themselves?

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