• According to, 53 percent of women and 45 percent of men use vibrators during sex. Although vibrators help release sexual tension, be careful when using them.

    Vaginal Infections

    Always clean your vibrator thoroughly with unscented soap and water. This can prevent vaginal infections, such as vaginitis, or a urinary tract infection.

    Clitoral Nerve Damage

    Use your vibrator at a moderate speed. Using a vibrator too fast or too hard can cause clitoral nerve damage.


    Know your limitations. If you experience any pain, stop using your vibrator immediately. Using a vibrator too often and too vigorously can lead to swelling of the vulva or even result in injury.


    Think of a vibrator as a toothbrush--it is not wise to share it. If you use a vibrator with your partner to spice up foreplay, consider a separate one for each of you. If you share, your partner's body fluids can remain on the vibrator, promoting the possible spread of any disease or infection.

    Talk to the Doc

    If you have any question about vibrator use, ask your gynecologist. Don't be embarrassed--they hear all sorts of personal questions. It's always better to be safe than sorry.


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