• There are three easy ways to make the most of your phone usage, all of which mean getting and using free phone minutes. Although there are also illegal ways to get free phone minutes, illegal means breaking the law, which is highly inadvisable. It can result in high fines, jail time and expensive civil litigation.

    Free Time Plans

    Take advantage of free call times. Many phone plans available now set aside times when you can call with no money charged or time counted against your plan minutes. Typically, these are evening and weekend hours. Be sure you know all the rules about these plans, especially any exceptions that might exist, for example, being out of network or in another time zone. Be aware that many of these plans require you to commit to a contract as long as two or three years.

    Calling Circle Plans

    Get a "friends and family" network plan. Another commonly available option is a list of people you can call any time for free. These are sometimes called "friends and family," "calling circle" or "network" plans. Some allow you to call anybody from a list of numbers you designate. Others allow you to call anybody else who is a customer of the same mobile service. Keep in mind that you usually must call that person at a specific number. Calling somebody on their home line who has a cell number on your list will not be free. Like free call time plans, these plans often require a long term commitment.

    Negotiating a Good Deal

    Negotiate for a good contract. Many mobile phone dealers have room to negotiate a good deal on your plan, the phone or both. While it's not exactly using a mobile phone for free, getting a 1000 minute plan for half the regular price works out to the same as getting 500 free minutes. If you're not an experienced negotiator, get the help of a friend who is. Like all the other options, long-term contracts are often a requirement for a good deal.

    Getting Good Customer Service

    Call customer service for your mobile company. The employees there are empowered to grant free minutes under specific circumstances. Most are happy to do so as long as you're polite but insistent. Similarly, as your contract comes up for renewal, you can often re-negotiate for more minutes at a significant discount.


    Getting Free Phone Minutes

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