• I have found many things pertaining to this. this is what i have found for this: I am a 17 year old girl I moved out of my mothers house the day I turned 17. I also live in Missouri. In Missouri you ARE age of consent at 17 years old. I live with my boyfriend who is 24. The law is at 17 you can move out of your parent’s home and date anyone of any age. Trust me. I'm with a 24 year old and living with him.... It’s perfectly fine. “Missouri 17 Law” Currently in the state of Missouri a 17 year old is not considered a runaway if they leave home without parental consent. Teens are not only allowed to run away/move out of the parent’s home for ANY reason they see fit, but are actually backed by law enforcement. The parent’s not only have NO recourse but can face penalties if they take steps to make their child return home. This practice is commonly referred to as “The 17 Law.” If she’s 17, the best thing you can do is support her in all her faults and decisions. If you decide not to, you must then be prepared to reap the whirlwind of negative repercussions that will ensue and possibly destroy the relationship you have with her. Weigh the pros and cons; A) you keep her from doing what she believes is right and she resents you for it and leaves at 18 without a second thought as to your opinion in the matter and sees you seldom, if ever. B) you help her leave and show your love through actions and support and strengthen your relationship ensuring that you always have your daughter. Seems pretty obvious to me! In Missouri at 17 you are no longer able to be prosecuted as a minor. Because of this it is impossible for a 17 year old to commit a crime that applies to minors. While 18 is the official age of majority in Missouri (and it’s used for the sake of crimes committed by adults regarding the minor such as selling porn.) it is effectively 17 because of this loophole. It would be illegal for your daughter to lave your home because she is a minor except for the fact that she can not be prosecuted for that crime. This makes it effectively legal. SHE CAN MOVE OUT. Attempting to stop her can get you charged with harassment or anything else you do trying to get her back. This is something that is special for Missouri

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