• Go to an ear, nose, and throat doctor.
  • Have a doctor shoot warm water into your ears, even though its not that fun.
  • Had that issue 2 years ago and Dr used a product called 'Waxall' Couple days use and then syringed it out with water. No pain any more and could hear again.
  • There is available OTC: Debrox. I had to use it on my daughter when she was little. It softens the wax, then you flush with warm water.
  • Check out your local pharmacy, there is a product called Ear Wax Candles that looks like a wax diped gauze cone. You lay the person whos ears need wax removed on their side with ear open upwards and place the tip of the cone gently into the ear opening. Surround the bottom of the cone and cover the head with a damp towel. Then light the top rim af the cone and in a couple of minutes the wax is drawen from the ear. switch sides and repeat. This may sound odd to anyone who has not tried it but it is actualy very soothing andeffective. It is a spa treatment that you will find you may very much enjoy. Due to the use of fire in the treatment this is not recomended for use on small children. Be carefull and enjoy.
  • Definitely not cotton swabs/q-tips. Washed hands, warm running water, and your pinky do a good job for ordinary wax removal.
  • Ear candles that actually draw the wax from your ears as they burn. It's pretty cool, my wife brings stuff like that home all the time.
  • I use coconut oil. and drip some in each ear. i wiggle my ear around so it squishes inside the canal. then in the shower I use the blue rubber squirter you can get separately in a small box. some elbow warm water in a small cup for a resovoir, i fill and squirt it into my ear a few times and huge chunks of wax appear on the bottom of the shower stall. it washes down the drain easily. thats all it takes. you can get the wax solvent in another box with the blue squirter. but i just use coconut cooking oil as an emulsifier. trips to the doctor are unnescessary. candling is unnecessary.
  • Try to keep an open mind! ;-)
  • Peroxide will work. But I think coconut oil is better.
  • I get wax build up a lot and have found the best way to get it out is to use any of the over the counter systems at your local drug store or super market. They usually recommend letting the solution remain in each ear for about 5 minutes. It works better to let it remain in the ear for 10 or 15 minutes. Then flush it out with warm water but go easy on the bulb that squirts the water.

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