• <h4 class="dechead">On One Hand: Recognized Benefits

    Windex removes sticky residue and leaves most wood floors looking clean and shiny. Windex is often less costly than many cleaning products made specifically for hardwood floors. Spot treating floors with Windex for difficult tasks may be safer for your wood floors in the long run than using Windex as your regular floor cleaner.

    On the Other: Future Risks

    Windex does not contain the wood conditioners found in many hardwood floor cleaners. It may wear down the finish of hardwood floors faster for this reason. Windex can also strip wood of present nutrients and protectants, leaving it more vulnerable to environment and age.

    Bottom Line

    Windex can be used occasionally to clean wood floors, especially good for "sticky" situations but should not replace a hardwood floor cleaner as your regular option. Windex may age or wear down hardwood floors over time, while a good hardwood floor cleaning product safeguards against premature aging or wear.


    Wood Floor Doctor

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