• There are almost 1,000 species of bamboo plants, and hundreds of those species are sold in nurseries for home gardens. Though there are a few that are easily identified, many of them look so similar that's its difficult to tell exactly which variation is growing in your yard. There are a few factors that will help you to narrow down the possibilities.

    Commercial bamboo

    Nurseries often group bamboo plants into one of several categories: shrub, screening, container, cold weather, giant and rare. These are broad categories, with some intermixing, but figuring out which category your bamboo fits into will eliminate a lot of species. Shrub bamboo plants tend to be shorter (around 7'), with lots of foliage and a hedge like appearance. Screen bamboo is a broad term for bamboo that can be grown packed together and is used to form privacy "screens." Container bamboo is obvious: If you have a plant under 10' inside your home in a pot, it falls into this category. Cold-weather bamboo plants can survive through extreme cold weather. Because of their woodiness, girth and height (which can reach heights of 70' and up), Giant bamboo, or timber bamboo, is tree-like and used for construction. As for rare bamboo, well, it's unlikely you have one, but many of them have vertical stripes.

    Popular nursery types

    Moso bamboo is extremely popular and is the most cultivated bamboo in both Japan and China. A multi-use plant, Moso shoots can be eaten while the culms are used for building. Moso grows very tall and is frequently see in the Southeast United States. Golden bamboo is one of the most popular bamboos. It's upright, slightly golden and grows well in sunshine or in cold weather. Yellow Groove is similar, but with yellow streaks on a pale green cane (trunk). Giant Japanese Timber is a giant bamboo with a very classic bamboo appearance. It is a golden color and grows in warm climates. Giant Leaf is easier to recognize, as it has large leaves and can grow well in cold weather. Arrow Bamboo is one of the most common container plants. If you have a thriving, green container or house bamboo, it could very likely be Arrow Bamboo. Timor Black is one of the easiest to recognize due to its deep, almost black, color. Bambusa mutabilis, or Emerald Bamboo, has a classically Asian appearance. It is often sold as a screen bamboo because of its dense foliage. Emerald Bamboo is an intense, pure green. Golden Hawaiian Bamboo is a popular ornamental bamboo that grows well in tropical and subtropical climates. This variety has dense leaves and is a warm green. It can be grow up to 50' feet, but it also can grow indoors.


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