• Many computer builders recommend installing dual hard drives in desktop computers, and not without reason. Dual hard drives offer many benefits over single installations.

    More Space

    The most obvious benefit of multiple hard drives is the added storage space. A second drive can more than double your capacity.


    Files and programs can be more easily organized on dual drives. For example, the operating system and program files can be contained on one drive, with data files on the other.


    A second hard drive allows for easy backing up of files. Files can either be manually copied from one drive to the other, or the second drive can be set up to act as a mirror image of the first, backing up automatically.


    Windows creates what is called a "page file" or "swap file," where it stores commonly used information. Keeping this file on a separate drive increases performance because the same drive is not trying to simultaneously work and use the page file.

    Multiple Operating Systems

    Multiple hard drives allow the easy installation of multiple operating systems.


    Set Up a Dual Boot System

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