• There are several detox programs available for you to try, depending on your specific needs. Some detox programs follow a seven day protocol, since it takes the body some time to detoxify the blood. Many of the detox programs recommend liquids for a few days, followed by several days of eating light food , which is designed to let the digestive system rest. Others promote the use of fresh herbs, supplements or juices. Before starting any detox regime, it is important to discuss all benefits and risks with your physician.

    Powerful Detox Foods

    There are several foods used in detox regimens to flush away the body's stored up toxins. However, there are a few in particular that are highly recommended; they are green leafy vegetables, garlic, lemon and broccoli. Green leafy vegetables contain chlorophyll, which can be used in many forms: raw, juiced or supplemental. Since times past, chlorophyll has proven to be a desired choice amongst other foods and supplements to get rid of toxic build up in the body. The recommended dosage of natural liquid chlorophyll is around one tablespoon per 12 oz. of water. The dosage may be manipulated with your physicians approval. Garlic is often rendered as natures natural antibiotic, but it has more recently won the recognition of helping the body to flush out toxins. Garlic is fairly easy to find and very inexpensive. It can be added to just about any savory dish, and even steeped in water to be used as a herbal tea. Garlic is beneficial to the heart and it also flushes away toxins from the liver. Garlic works best in its fresh form, but can also be used cooked and as a supplement. Because of the smell, many people prefer to take the odorless garlic supplements. Lemons are normally recommended to be juiced and added to warm water and consumed first thing in the morning to kickstart the digestive system. They are high in vitamin C, and added to green tea, they can have a progressive detoxifying effect on the liver. Green tea is a natural antioxidant known for its natural toxin flushing abilities. Broccoli is high in soluble fiber, which is highly recommended in both detoxifying the liver and fighting cancer in particular. It is best to eat broccoli raw in this instance, but steamed broccoli can be used, as it retains many of its nutrients.


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