• <h4 class="dechead">On One Hand: Improving Efficiency

    A fireplace grate can improve the efficiency of your fireplace, but the proper placement is essential to its effectiveness. The grate should be placed at least three inches from the back of your fireplace and should be small enough to easily fit within the fireplace. The side clearance should be at least six inches.

    On the Other: Safety Concerns

    Using a grate that is too big or too small for your fireplace may be dangerous. If you are lighting a fire on the floor of the fireplace, it will quickly become discolored and sparks or cinders may fly out of the opening. Starting a fire without a grate can be very difficult and once again, you may be dealing with unwanted sparks.

    Bottom Line

    In order to maintain your fireplace properly and ensure safety, make sure to follow the directions for setting your fireplace grate. Select a size that will allow easy placement and never burn a fire without having the grate in place.


    Fireplace Grates

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