• Kind of a loaded way to put it, but accurate.
  • Could it be the same way that atheists or skeptics are brainwashed by colleges, books and liberal professors?
  • I STRONGLY AGREE... and Scientists and Physicists state that religions limit the human mind.
  • Not by the Bible, and most churches and pastors are sincere in trying to stick with the truth about how their congregation can lead a more complete life by interpreting the scriptures. But there are a few TV evangelists that I believe are in the brainwashing business, and worse yet, I think some of them are in it for profit. Not all, just some - there are also some very good hearted TV evangelists.
  • Many are, for sure. But there are bigger Zombie makers out there. The typical American is far more brainwashed by the media. In fact, most Americans spend considerably more time in front of a television than they do in a church or reading the Bible.
  • I can't say it is brainwashing. But it usually starts with the parents. As a kid you end up following your parents religious beliefs. It is not like you have a choice anyways.
  • 'religious ppl' is a VERY broad generalization If you really want serious answers you may want to be more specific
  • People who are brainwashed are that type of person. If the churches don't get them something else that allows them not to think for themselves will take it's place.
  • I do, but the practice has gone on for eons. I believe our parents were sincere when they passed it on to us.
  • A small percentage of people are....if people don't use their brain to think, they can be brainwashed by others...even by atheists. +5
  • I don't think "religious people" are all alike and fit into one category any more than all "non-religious people" are all the same.
  • Yes because of the age of 'conversion'. The only people i don't think are brainwashed are those that choose the faith of their accord when they are adult enough to choose their own path in life.
  • Not as a rule, no. Surely some of them are, but then I think lots of people are "brainwashed" by lots of social forces ... their parents/family, the media, etc. But then, "brainwash" is probably too strong a term.
  • I think "brainwashed" is too strong a term, it implies people being locked in a room and subjected to a constant barrage of messages designed to override competing thoughts... i.e. to condition the mind through repetition or stress, etc. What religion typically does, in my opinion, is to "slip in a mickey", or rather a whole raft of mickeys. So the way that works is that religion takes some truth, and some practices which work, and mixes them with some half-truths, non-truths, and meaningless fluff, and then asks the congregant to accept the whole package as a unit -- suspending the detailed critical analysis of each component. The techniques used to elicit this wholesale swallowing are pretty effective: peer pressure and belonging, fear (of hellfire, being branded a "sinner" or outsider, etc.), reward (heaven, being considered a saint), appeals to authority, appeals to tradition, and a whole raft of persuasive but dubious arguments and prose. To understand religion, I think one must understand this bit about it being a mix of truth and falsehood... so intricately intertwined that the latter gets easily mistaken for the former while the delivery mechanism disables the believer's incentive to question the details. It's a mistake to say "religion is all bunk", and it's a mistake to say "my religion is the whole truth and nothing but". In between those two, clarity can be found with persistence.

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