• I'm sure it's because he's worried about being a father for the first time and is unsure of what to do, I would give it some time :)
  • its common to have the blues while pregnant especially if its your first pregnancy...your hormones are going ramped and your probaly quite anxious about the whole thing "am i going to be a good mum""am i ready to be a mum""will labour hurt"your husband is going through alot of changes too,he's also thinking about the whole "pregnancy thing"its an adjusting period for you both,he may feel interigated every time you ask if you love him,and because he says "yes i love you"he maybe offended with getting considently asked if he does...enjoy your time as just the two of use...cause soon you will have a third person involved...and many sleepless nights :) enjoy each others company again and enjoy this experience...its such a beautiful experience that nothing else will sure he loves you :) have a talk to him...he may have some concerns that you can help him with....good luck with your new bubs on the way :)
  • Did he finally come clean about the floozie at his job?
  • It is mainly because of the way you feel right now. He loves you very much or he would not be there. Asking all the time really bothers a husband for some reason. Try not to if you can keep from it and it will get better. Your hormones right now are so out of wack it is hard I know. Some men have a hard time showing that they love you. Some believe they show their love by working and providing for you and that is love but I know we need more than that sometimes but the problem is they don't know it. And some don't want to know. Some men can't even tell their wives they love them. You must just trust that when he says he does he really means it.
  • Your questions all seem to be along the same subject. If they are for real, you and your fiance/husband need to have a serious talk about where you both are at in the relationship and what you want in the future for your relationship. It sounds like there are a lot of deeper issues y'all need to sort through. If you can, try to get into some counseling through your church or a marital counselor. Goood luck.
  • im almost three months pregnant right now and i can sure tell you that alot of how you are feeling is definetly normal... at least its exactly how ive been feeling. you become irritable, overthink things sometimes and cry for no reason haha. it can suck! thats for sure. it could be that you just need extra attention right now, and since hes not giving it to you, you feel neglected. i feel that way with my bf sometimes, but i know he doesnt mean it. your hubby may be afraid of stepping on your toes right now so he could be backin away a little and tryin to give you space. sometimes guys dont really know how to react with us sometimes. i sure hope things work out with you guys, you should sit down with him and talk with him about how you are feeling. if you wanna talk more too, feel free to write me. my info is on my profile. i could always use a preggie friend to talk with! especially since we are both 2-3 months along. take care.
  • I'm 4 months pregnant and feel so insecure as well. I've been reading alot about it on other websites and it seems us pregos are just all hormonal. I broke down the other night and told him "I need you right now." I needed him next to me just to feel close. I told him all you have to do is tell me you love me and it's all going to be ok. At the root that's all I need to hear and feel. I think he was pulling back a bit because I've been reactive, an emotional roller coaster and anemic (dizzy, tired and sick because of it). I totally understand where you're coming from. Some days I feel confident and other days I feel like everything is falling apart. Hang in there.
  • I just wondering what the questions is?

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