• lots of people think i am strange,those who know me understand me,suits me fine but i am 48 and stopped caring about what others think,and i have a number of ocd's on top of
  • introverts disproportionately control the world, it just appears that extroverts do, because they're always gabbing!!! remember to make peace, use down time effectively for self-restoration! use interaction time with extroverts effectively by asking them questions ...
  • First of all, don't care about being seen as "aloof" or "anti-social." I understand these terms have negative connotations, but they are only a matter of perspective. If you have two outgoing people that you are comparing, one would be more "social" with the other more "anti-social." We tend to give ourselves a level on that sliding scale and it will usually be lower than the point that we would call "good." (In this case, the point at which you would consider yourself "social.") However, if you're in a room with a bunch of "anti-social" people, then you may be viewed as the social one considering everyone seems to be anti-social but you're connecting with more people than the rest. It really is a matter of perspective. . An introvert can only be manipulated by extroverts to a certain extent. Extroverts tend to be more talkative which will inherently adjust the thinking he/she is talking to. Just because an introvert may be silent, doesn't mean that they aren't thinking of a better solution or disagreement with what's being said. An introvert TENDS (not a definitive) to be more cognizant of their own thoughts where an extrovert tends to speak without analyzing what they are saying. This is what makes them seem more confident (their ability to speak without thought or fear of being wrong) than an introvert even though the introvert's opinion has more than likely at least gone through one "checker" to ensure it's accuracy or to get the desired benefit. . IMHO. +3
  • just take time out if you need it, im an introvert myself
  • People need to accept that you (and I) 'recharge' alone, and being around others can be draining. Learn to fit in as best you can in the social situations you have to, like work, and make the most of your down time alone.
  • Meditation is a wonderful practice to do with others in silence. Socializing around the practice depending on the group can be a good place to interact to the degree you feel comfortable. Or do something you love where you feel comfortable in your own skin.
  • if you want to be alone i would just be alone, i wouldnt care what people think
  • To own a pet skunk might do it.

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