• It isn't OK, that's why only a tiny minority of people do it. In much the same way a tiny minority of Christians do the same to non-believers or believers of other faiths.
  • It's not that people don't believe believers can think for themselves; they just do not like the perspective that comes forth when it is influenced by morals.
  • Why is it soooo *OK* to stereotype against Christians this way? The criticism against Bible and Christianity is sooo blatant and unabashed sometimes. Where do the strongest proponents of the stereotypes come from? Ex Christians? Former targets of recruiters? Never-have-been-Christians? Is it a regional (bible belt vs new england area or something like that) thing? And people attack so strongly and with such attitude sometimes that its like a Christian might feel compelled to be embarrassed about their faith. Or embarrassed to be curious about Christianity as a topic. Please note: I am not a Christian myself, but it seems theres a lot of negative stereotyping involved.
  • The answer is that so many christians spout untruths and half-truths they've heard that support their beliefs. "Did you know Darwin renounced his theory on his deathbed?" I've heard that a few times. Totally untrue, it is repeated as gospel by christians. Siding with the right and their robotic following of Boss Limbaugh doesn't help to promote christians as free thinkers, either.
  • That only comes from people who are hostile towards Christians and religions in general. I never met a christian who didn't didnt think for himself or herself. It's just a stereotype.
  • There is a "cult of anti-religion" now, chexie. They say they are not prejudiced against any particular religion or faith, but they are. It is Christianity they attack, constantly, and default...not Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, or any other of the hundreds of local animist religions around the world. And they are ignorant. Islam is a direct "offspring" of Judaism...and has all the "criticized elements", plus many added elements that the bashers would dislike much more, but they don't bash or ridicule Islam. Strange. I think it is simply that they are mostly western adolescents who only know about Christianity as a religion which does not approve of many of the things they like and want to do, screwing their brains out without any sense of morality involved. And they don't like being told to be responsible or moral in anything they do. They forget that all religions say these things. But, Christianity is the one religion they have "latched onto" as the big 'party pooper' and the one that they dislike. Silly children. And it is they who cannot think for themselves. They are slaves to any pop BS fad or fashion that comes down the pike, whether music, dress, or pop artists. "Be in" is the rule. Don't be "different". Think, act, dress like all the rest of us...or be "outcasts and losers". (smile) I was a "loser" in many ways when I was a teen, but I wound up a winner and I can't even remember the names of those who called me a loser. I know some who blew themselves away...and some who got slammed at an earliy age and still have to live with a criminal record...even now. Not too cool.
  • It is the blind acceptance of the Bible and trying to mix scientific explanation with it that makes people think Bible readers and Christians (the churchy ones) cannot think for themselves. There was no science around the time of the Bible. That only started with Galileo so there is no way that Genesis can be accurate if it is taken literally. The other thing is that evangelicals just don't get the fact that other people have brains and can think for themselves ie they don't need to listen to their evangelical b**ls**t especially those with an IQ above 70!
  • Hi you guys. I went to sleep so missed all that. anyway I think I understand Genes POV now.. He said: "I KNOW not all christians are like that, but for safety's sake, I have to assume that bible readers and christians either can't think for themselves and can be set off to kill people, or that they CAN think for themselves and they kill people." "As a group, you are responsible to explain your group's actions. The muslims take in on the nose. Why can't you? ... You keep mentioning people who killed, but not for a cause, like the christians WHO DO do. Not you. Those WHO DO."
  • I have read the precisions to the question given in this answers: 1) Some people have very negative sentiments about Christianity, and this is provoked by the negative image that some Christians give. I think that you are addressing here more the negative sentiments against Christians from the Protestant Reformation and in particular the "Evangelical Christians". This is particularly developed in the USA and in other regions where this kind of Christians are particularly active (evangelism -> proselytism). In particular, the fact that this kind of Christian often exclusively base their answers on the Bible or on the doctrine of their own particular Churches leads to the impression that the Bible (or their Church hierarchy) provides them with most of their thoughts, instead of them thinking "for themselves", that is, with critical thinking skills involving diverse sources of information. So I think that what leads to those prejudices (or impressions) is not so often just their reading the Bible or being Christian, but rather the very behavior of those Christians (again, I am talking here about a particular kind of fundamentalist, evangelical Christians). Anti Catholicism also exists in the US, but a big part of it in the US comes from those Evangelical Christians. 2) "Negative attitudes in the United States David Kinnaman, president of the Barna Institute, and Gabe Lyons of the Fermi Project published a study of attitudes of 16-29 year old Americans towards Christianity. They found that about 38% of all those who were not regular churchgoers had negative impressions of Christianity, and especially evangelical Christianity, associating it with conservative political activism, hypocrisy, anti-homosexuality, and judgmentalism. About 17% had "very bad" perceptions of Christianity. - Hypocrisy: Gaudium et Spes claims that the example of Christians may be a contributory factor to atheism, writing, "...believers can have more than a little to do with the birth of atheism. To the extent that they neglect their own training in the faith, or teach erroneous doctrine, or are deficient in their religious, moral, or social life, they must be said to conceal rather than reveal the authentic face of God and religion". Secular and religious critics have accused many Christians of being hypocritical. For instance, although marital fidelity and family values are arguably central to Christian morality, a study by the Barna Research Group has shown that divorce rates among certain Christian groups were significantly higher than for other faith groups, and much higher than the rate of divorce among atheists and agnostics. Tom Whiteman, a Philadelphia psychologist found that the primary reasons for Christian divorce include adultery, abuse (including substance, physical and verbal abuse), and abandonment whereas the number one reason cited for divorce in the general population was incompatibility. - Bigotry: Conservative Christians are often accused of being intolerant bigots and hate mongers by secular humanists and liberal Christians, saying they oppose science (creation-evolution controversy, use of birth control, research into embryonic stem cells etc.), liberal democracy (separation of church and state), and progressive social policies (rights of people of other races and religions, of women, and of people with different sexual orientations). - Materialism: To Mahatma Gandhi, the materialism of affluent Christian countries appears to contradict the claims of Jesus Christ that it is not possible to worship both Mammon and God at the same time. (see also Prosperity gospel) I like your Christ. I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ. The materialism of affluent Christian countries appears to contradict the claims of Jesus Christ that says it's not possible to worship both Mammon and God at the same time. – Mahatma Gandhi" Source and further information: 3) "John Highham described anti-Catholicism as "the most luxuriant, tenacious tradition of paranoiac agitation in American history". Anti-Catholicism which was prominent in the United Kingdom was exported to the United States. Two types of anti-Catholic rhetoric existed in colonial society. The first, derived from the heritage of the Protestant Reformation and the religious wars of the sixteenth century, consisted of the "Anti-Christ" and the "Whore of Babylon" variety and dominated Anti-Catholic thought until the late seventeenth century. The second was a more secular variety which focused on the supposed intrigue of the Catholics intent on extending medieval despotism worldwide. Historian Arthur Schlesinger Sr. has called Anti-Catholicism "the deepest-held bias in the history of the American people." American Anti-Catholicism has its origins in the Reformation which developed a deep-rooted antipathy for the Church as a result of its long struggle to establish its independence outside the Church. Because the Reformation was based on an effort to correct what it perceived to be errors and excesses of the Catholic Church, it formed strong positions against the Roman clerical hierarchy and the Papacy in particular. These positions were brought to the New World by British colonists who were predominantly Protestant, and who opposed not only the Catholic Church but also the Protestant Church of England which, due to its perpetuation of some Catholic doctrine and practices, was deemed to be insufficiently "reformed"." Source and further information:
  • Experience. Case in point: Tom47. He repeats the same Christian Persecution Complex that so many other Christians are in love with. This one attacks non-christians who are just as stupid as christians often are. I read the bible too, but not just the heavily edited versions. But I read ALL of the bible, not just the parts that agree with my notions. Which is exactly what so many Christians do. Faith promoting rumours up the ying-yang, false beliefs quoted 'from the Bible' and so on. Where in the Bible does it even mention: The Rapture? Yet the Rapture is taken as verbatim. The biggest problem I've got with Christians in America- is that I have to put up with their determination to turn my country into a Theocracy, and doing so on false pretenses. I've got a slight problem with the Ragheads of Islam. It was bigger when I was in Saudi and Kuwait. But it's not so near a problem as I've got with Bible thumpers in America, right now.
  • egad. rilly i never intended for this question to become a big poo flinging field. oh well.
  • For the same reason that people like me are attacked for defending them. I am an equal opportunity downrater. If A Christian attacks an Atheist here I will call them on it. If an Atheist attacks a Christian here I will also call them on it. I don't tolerate intolerance from either group. Tolerance is a two way street. I am not a Christian but I get accused of being one every time I stick up for a Christian who is being attacked. Attacking people because they believe differently is simply bigotry and there are Atheist as well as Christan bigots. I don't tolerate either one. I do notice the ones who accuse me of being Christian because I defend a religious person never have a comment when I slam a Christian for being intolerant of an atheist and the Christians will likewise not have a comment when that situation is reversed. Everyone is entitled to their beliefs and all the bickering and redundant Atheist vs Christian posts on this site are one of the reasons I only pop in here once every week or two now when I used to visit here daily. It gets REALLY old.
  • Myself and most other atheists I know have read the bible. That's why we're atheists. Well, we didn't just read the bible. We did it with a rational, logical mindset. Critical thinking will set you free!
  • Why don't you just zip it and read already. Who cares what you are if you shut up about it. Otherwise you get all the crackpots coming out of the woodwork to give their hairbrained opinions just like you asked for.
  • Only a small segment of people do this, but they can make a lot of noise! As I travel around as either a musician or a lecturer, I sometimes have an opportunity to briefly discuss my Christian views with people, and almost all of the time I get congratulated that I have my live so in-balance. There are a few "Christian bashers" (especially here on Answerbag) that will start throwing their opinions at you at the first mention of the words "God," "Christian," or "Religion." They must have a search engine that searches for these keywords so they can carry on their rant. If you analyze what they are saying, not much of what they say is based on fact, and if there is any fact, it is conveniently twisted to suit their argument. They have not read any of the many books that confirms and gives evidence to Christianity and the reality of God. Once you see how they operate this way, you should have no touble ignoring them. Remember, these people are in the minority, and the majority or people are proud of your Christian beliefs.
  • Religion is not called the opium of the masses for nothing. I read the bible. I find it interesting, anthropologically and sociologically. Esp when it instructs folks on how to be a good person - rather than simple ethics, morals and conscience, it can even be amusing. I'm an atheist.
  • Atheists believe religions to be a cult. Believing that reading a "book of rules" is the draw in of brain wash. DUN DUN DUNN!!!! Sadly there are people out there that claim to be Christians and freak out on people in the street. Thus causing the non believers to think that this is how all Christians act. Brain washed and crazy. No fixing that. Just how it is. -God Bless
  • Anybody who instantly assumes you cannot think for yourself based on your personal metaphysical beliefs is just as ignorant as they claim you to be. I've met many brilliant people who were theists as well as agnostics and atheists. what it really comes down to is the "if you don't arrive at the same conclusions in life that I have then you must be retarded" syndrome. Not all skeptics of religion think that way, Chexie.
  • For every street preacher yelling Bible at passers by there is a person who gets fed up and becames just as zealous against the bible. That's the nature religious zeal. . Whether or not the implication is true is another matter. No, many of the finest, most influential minds were of those who read the bible with great enthusiasm. Many still do, despite the neg publicity about the bible. Some are able to defend their faith coherently, others, not so much. +5
  • Maybe because so many vocal bible reading Christians cannot think for themselves. If they read the bible, they took nothing from it, and instead regurgitate the same old same old that we've all heard from the Religious right for decades..... Heaven forbid you ask them a legitimate question about their faith.... If they cannot answer with a biblical quote, they can't answer.
  • When religious questions are asked, would you want an answer based on inspirational reference or an opinion based on someone's thoughts? If my vehicle broke down, I would rather read the instructions manual, rather than listen to some so-called genius telling me how it should be done.
  • I thank God for every time I've suffered for His sake and count it all joy to be able to stand as a witness for God and Christ. I pray for those that criticize me, that they will come to know the love of God and the joy and peace that brings to one's life! As for my cognitive ability I'm more likely to believe my test scores than someone else's opinion.

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