• Go for it !
  • Go for it I'm not hiding any thing.
  • I certainly wouldn't be pleased, that's for sure.
  • You break it, you buy it! and stay out of that locked trunk in the attic.
  • I told you so I told you so.. Don't forget I told you so Obama is another Bush To take our freedoms he will push!
  • I have nothing to hide. Search away! : )
  • I think I'd be too scared and nervous to be offended, and I would only hope that they find nothing to use as evidence against me. And after they didn't find anything, I'd be like, YOU BASTARDS!
  • I may protest - but no, not resist - pointless at the very least and fatal at the most. +5
  • Might as well let them do it, resisting will surely get you in toruble, where as if you let them search your house there is the chance that they will not find anything that will condem you. Best to let them do it. +5
  • No resist, i have nothing to hide.
  • no resistance, I have nothing to hide.however they better leave the place in as good a condition as they found it and if I have to miss work they better compensate me.
  • Why are you still standing out there? Get your ass in here, already. I hope you guys aren't paid by the hour. +5
  • as an American citizen who does not enjoy being tasered, tasered again, beaten, accused of resisting arrest, tasered a third time, kicked in the head, handcuffed and held as long as possible (24 to 48 hours or more) "for questioning" without being formally charged; i will let them search my house if they want. 1. I have nothing to hide 2. I'm not a masochist so the whole police brutality thing doesn't appeal to me.
  • I tell them to get an actual court-approved search warrant or go away. I'm not ready to relinquish my 4th Amendment rights just yet (unlike, apparently, a majority of the ABers who've answered this question) . . .
  • Lock and load. Blaze of glory time. +5
  • I've been that route with the F.B.I. They waited until I was at work before leaping into action. Scared the hell out of my family. You folks don't get it. They WANT you to resist. Why? Because only "criminals" resist, and they're prepared to subdue you. It doesn't matter if you've got nothing to hide or not. It doesn't matter if you're guilty or not. They can make a good case to invade even if you were like Mother Theresa. But those pesky courts and their incessant rules that even they have to abide by...
  • i have nothing to hide in my home. on principle, i think that the patriot act restricted the constitution and congress and the president don't have that authority. am i willing to argue this point today to congressmen? yes! am i willing to jump on my sword? no! i'd be most worried about the possibility of their planting evidence in my home proving once and for all that saddam indeed did have weapons of mass deception and i'd die alone in gitmo 50 years from now, with only bread and water in my belly.
  • As I'd have nothing to hide I'd let them get on with it..... admitadly I'd be sitting outside making snyde remarks about them while they did it!

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