• An add-on for the Mozilla Firefox Web browser, AiOS stands for All-in-One Sidebar. It's designed to make internet navigation faster and more efficient.


    The AiOS can be positioned vertically along the left or right edge of the Web browser. It can be set to collapse into a thinner bar that expands when the mouse passes over it.


    The AiOS is customizable and can be used to access bookmarks, downloads, plug-ins, tools and browsing history, not to mention other Firefox extensions. Each option is represented with a simple icon and makes for easy navigation.


    The AiOS is available as a free download and puts an array of features at the user's fingertips. Only one click is needed to switch between all the possible options contained on the sidebar. This reduces clutter and makes finding things easier than ever before.


    The first upgrade to the Firefox AiOS occurred in 1995. Since then, the AiOS has gone through numerous improvements and upgrades.

    Fun Fact

    The idea for the AiOS was inspired by the Opera Web browser, which featured a similar, although less comprehensive, sidebar.


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