• NO!!! Tell him to go for the ribs! That way everytime the person breaths they are going to remember him!
  • I'd personally tell him to make sure his hair looks nice for the mug shot and/or "Juvies" camera.
  • Personally I would advocate not fighting. But, I understand that this would cause a great deal of ridicule. So, in that case I would just tell him if he's going to fight, make sure he gets a few good punches in!
  • You can't look like you've won if your in the hospital. TEACH the kid to protect himself.
  • Black eye's and rib shot's.What is he fighting for in the first place.Stolen lunch money?
  • When I fight a kid in a suit and tie i always try to tear the suit and his shirt, e=ven when I am getting beat up
  • Tell him to stare the other kid in the eye and say, "I am going to break you." Then have him haul off and kick him in the sweets as hard as possible.
  • No, let me, or someone like me, (read my profile) teach him how to wait calmly and patiently for an attack to come to him, then destroy it with a destructive defense, thereby ending the fight with a single move ... attacker tries to grab, push, or punch and gets a broken wrist and/or elbow ... attacker steps forward to kick and gets a broken ankle or knee ... Punching the head is a dangerous thing to do and may cause death ... dislocated limb joints are never fatal, but always prevent your attacker from continuing their attack.

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