• Are you taking a communication class? I have great communication skills - but if I am stressed or angry, I have none
  • The foreign language part in your question confused me - could we have a "communication" problem? LOL But anyway, I've been told I'm very articulate, which I think is probably true! : D
  • Way-y-y-y-y-y-y "above par"! I've actually been admonished in my earlier career for the level of my communication skills because "subordinates" couldn't understand it! It appeared I was "talking DOWN" to them! So. . . . .rather than being proud that I "honed" my IQ, I was "put down" for it! Rather than requiring people to rise to their potential. . . . .I was expected to lower MINE! Yeah! I've been "freak'n" for YEARS!
  • I have very good communication skills, which involves getting your message into the understanding of your listener. It's not how proficient you are at speaking; it's having your listener understand your message.
  • MY question is for an interview, written interview, since I have to translate in new job.
  • hopefully pretty good

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