• We must accept it as society goes to the events these athletes and entertainers put on and do ... IF we did not go ; thus not paying the extreme high prices ; they producers could not afford to pay the high salaries etc .. So; actually we are ALL the blame for these ridiculeous HIGH SALARIES being paid to entertainers and athletes ... STOP going to their events and performances !! +5
  • True, but remember these celebrities are rare compared to us all. We like to showcase people to make us feel good. We have just got to get on with it.
  • We choose what we pay for. If teaching were a commercial industry then there would be significant shift. Imagine if teacher's only taught the students they wanted and could set the price as it pleased them. The fun to be dumb would disappear because students would have to compete for the attention of a teacher. Your kid's a jerk so I won't teach him. People underestimate there importance.
  • They provide entertainment to the masses. If a teacher could find a way to effectively teach millions of people, they'd be highly paid as well. I'm fine with it. Capitalism rewards unique and rare skills. I don't think athletes and entertainers are more highly paid than CEOs and some others in the corporate world, by the way.
  • No, I'm not OK with it. But until enough Americans learn enough economics to do more than parrot "free market" and "supply and demand", the situation won't change. There is nothing 'natural' or 'moral' about our winner-take-all society. We can choose to change it.
  • Working as athletes is definitely an apprised career
  • Working as entertainers is a sterling profession
  • This pisses me off as well. It is unfortunate, but the rich don't care about your average joe or jane doe teacher. They can afford to send their children to expensive private schools, where the teachers are paid handsomely.
  • The way that sports franchises play the money game in general irritates me. They make the local residents pay for the stadiums through taxes. If demand for tickets go down they get even by lock out the game on TV. The prices for concessions are ridiculous. First thought is well they have to pay rent. No we payed for the stadium. What the hell? Everyone is in it for the money and no one knows the definition of "sport" anymore. No I am not okay with that!

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